Biochrom GmbH products for serum-free cell culture

Serum-free media can be used to allow for controlled and reproducible culture conditions. We provide serum-free media for the cultivation of, inter alia, hybridomas, CHO, keratinocytes, or insect cells. In many cases, supplements such as enzymes or growth factors need to be added to serum-free media. All serum-free cell culture products are listed in an overview that you find here.

Overview serum-free cell culture:
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Serum-free freezing medium: Biofreeze
Serum-free medium for the cold storage of cells: ChillProtec®

e.g. for CHO, Hybridoma, FRTL 5, insect cells, lymphocytes, keratinocytes, Vero, 3T6, sebocytes, neuronal primary cells, neuroblastoma glioma hybrid cells

Biotase (Accutase)

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Recommendation some suitable serum-free media from Biochrom GmbH
for your cells and adaption of cells

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