Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)

Other names: fetal calf serum (FCS)

FBS is the supplement most frequently used in cell culture systems (2-20 % in medium). Where applicable, it is also used in the production of therapeutic proteins. FBS is a by-product of the meat industry and can be extracted as such only in regions with extensive cattle husbandry, where a sufficient amount of bovine fetuses can be accumulated during the slaughtering processes.

In general, FBS provided by Biochrom GmbH originates from South America and Australia. The serum is tested for endotoxins, mycoplasma, viral contamination, and viral antibodies (against BVD-MD, BHV-1, PI3).

What cells do you like to cultivate? Depending on your needs, we can recommend FBS lots suitable for cultivating amniotic fluid cells and hybridoma cells.   

In addition, Biochrom GmbH offers FBS with specific pre-treatment:

  • γ-irradiated FBS (on request and for an extra charge, γ-irradiation is available for improved viral safety; irradiation dose ≥ 30 kGray) 

FBS, origin: Australia

Succesfully tested for murine embryonic stem cells (PRICES/QUANTITIES ON REQUEST!)

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tested for endotoxins, mycoplasma, viral contamination, viral antibodies (BVD-MD, BHV-1, PI3), virus tested acc. to EMEA guideline
(processing lots have a standard volume of 2000 litres for industrial customers, direct shipment to Asia and America)

Storage: 60 months at -20 °C
with Certificate of Suitability (CoS) R1-CEP 2001-032

Do you need new FBS samples? Please send your inquiry to the following address:


Unit price
S 0415
on request **

FBS, origin: EU-approved countries (South America)


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C virus tested

Storage: 60 months at -20 °C

Do you need new FBS samples? Please send your inquiry to the following address:


The normal FBS (S 0113 & S 0115) can be found at Sigma Aldrich as follows:

Sigma Aldrich Life Science Product F7524-500ml, F7524-100ml & F7524-50ml.



Unit price
S 0115
on request **

** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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FBS (Australia)

Successfully tested

Australian FBS is suitable for murine embryonic stem cells. The stem cells demonstrated high viability and very good proliferation


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Certificates of Suitability (CoS) of the EDQM

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