MB Taq DNA Polymerase

Hot-start MB Taq DNA Polymerase is the optimized mixture of Taq (Thermus aquaticus) DNA Polymerase and anti- Taq DNA polymerase monoclonal antibodies. Antibodies block polymerase activity during set-up of the PCR reactions at ambient temperature (20-22°C). The inhibition of Taq DNA Polymerase is completely reversed when the temperature is above 70°C. Complete activation of the polymerase is achieved at 94 °C for 2 min.

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MBTaq DNA Polymerase

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Storage: -20 °C

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A substitute is offered under the article number D9307 at Sigma-Aldrich https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/germany.html   

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** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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