Papain: Non-animal alternative for trypsin (plant origin)

Papain is able to hydrolyse proteins and peptides preferably those with basic amino acids. The ready-to-use preparation (61.25 mg/l) in PBS w/o Ca2+, Mg2+ is derived from papaya fruit (Carica papaya).

If compared to the usual Trypsin, Papain preparation has a limited shelf life of 36 hrs at +2 - +8 °C. After thawing, Papain should consequently be divided into aliquots and re-frozen.

Papain preparation (61.25 mg/l)

without Ca2+, Mg2+

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Storage: 24 months at - 20 °C

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Production of this product has been discontinued. Clearance sale has already begun.  

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** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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