Tissue Desintegration Enzymes

Cells of animal tissue are attached to each other by a complex matrix of proteins, glycoproteins, lipides, glycolipides, and mucopolysaccharides. To isolate individual cells or to start primary cultures, the delicate matrix must be partially broken down without destroying the cell or its surface.Depending on the tissue, different enzymes are suitable such as Biotase, Papain solution or Trypsin.

Biochrom GmbH also offers Collagenase for the careful, selective reduction of the intervellular matrix. The raw Collagenase is a mixture of different proteolytically efficient enzymes. Different Collagenase types are optimized for tissue types of liver, lung, fat, mammary gland and Langerhans' islet cells.

to download: Comparison of Collagenase and Trypsin properties

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