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Products that are no longer available as catalogue items

We no longer produce the following products as catalogue items:

  • Amniostart ready-to-use medium (F 0543)
  • Biocoll, density 1.09 (L 6125)
  • CMRL 1066 (F 0565)
  • Hybridoma Medium (F 5515)
  • MCDB 153 complete medium (F 8115)
  • Neutralrot (L 6313)
  • Phenol red (L 2203)
  • Proxyferrin (K 3702/K 3703)
  • 10x RPMI 1640 (F 1225)
  • Sebomed complete medium (F 8215)

Cell culture media are still available as customised preparations. If you are interested in these media, please fill in our online form. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with a detailed offer. Please note our minimum order quantities for special products.
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You may also feel free to contact one of our field representatives, who will be able to inform you about potential alternatives.
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