Sebomed® basal medium, liquid: Medium for human sebocyte cells

Modified DMEM/Ham’s F-12 (1:1), was optimized to grow the human sebaceous gland cell line SZ95 in vitro. The cell line itself was developed by transfecting primary human facial sebocytes.

This defined medium is ideal for controlled studies regarding the effects of hormones, cytokines, xenobiotics, Ca2+ etc. on proliferation, differentiation, lipid synthesis, and cytokine production in the cell culture system.
The Ca2+ concentration was kept low (0.05 mM) in order to cultivate sebocytes, and keratinocytes under similar culture conditions with or without addition of Ca2+. The basal medium, which is free of bovine products, does not contain phenol red or linoleic acid (or any other fatty acid).

Sebomed® basal medium

with 2.0 g/l NaCO3, with 2.5 mM stable glutamine

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Storage: 12 months at +2 - +8 °C, Store: protected from light

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