Hybridomed DIF 1000-Serum free medium for mammalian cells

The medium was developed to effectively grow  hybridomas, but is also suitable for other cell lines. It is based on a 1:1 mixture of Iscove’s medium and Ham’s F-12, supplemented with transferrin, insulin, and a BSA/oleic acid complex.

Myelomas, hybridomas and also other lymphoid and non-lymphoid cell lines are cultivated in Hybridomed and show growth rates comparable to those observed in serum-supplemented media. Successfully cultivated cells include: YAC-1 (mouse T-cell lymphoma), HeLa (human epitheloid carcinoma), BJA-B (human EVB-negative myeloma), BHK21 (syrian hamster kidney) and L-psv 129 (mouse L-fibroblast).
The production of monoclonal antibodies or recombinant interleucin-2 equals to those achieved with serous medium.

Different from the original formulation, only 0.05 mg/l riboflavin is used to avoid negative photo oxidative effects.

HybridoMed DIF 1000 liquid medium

with 2.0 g/l NaHCO3, with L-glutamine, and HEPES for 5 % CO2

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Storage temperature: - 20 °C

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A substitute is offered under the article number H4281 at Sigma-Aldrich https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/germany.html   


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