Glasgow-MEM (GMEM) Liquid Medium

The medium was originally developed at the Glasgow University by Stoker and McPherson to grow primary hamster kidney cells. If compared to Eagle’s Basal Medium, the formulation of Glasgow-MEM is characterized by a double amount of both vitamins, and amino acids.

Different from the original formulation, only 0.05 mg/l riboflavin is used to avoid negative photo oxidative effects.

This medium is also available as a standard in powder with a minimum order of 500 litres; pack sizes are 10, or 50 litres.

Glasgow-MEM liquid medium

with 2.75 g/l NaHCO3, without L-glutamine

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Storage: 18 months at +2 - +8 °C

Product Information

A substitute is offered under the article number G5154 at Sigma-Aldrich

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F 0525
on request

** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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