The new freezing medium from Biochrom GmbH: Biofreeze

The new serum-free freezing medium Biofreeze does not contain any substances of animal origin, and is free from genetically modified organisms. Biofreeze contains no dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), which is toxic to cells. The function of DMSO is replaced by a less toxic anti-freezing agent.

Biofreeze is suitable for mammalian cells or to enable tissue reconstruction. It supersedes conventional freezing media because Biofreeze creates comparable cell viability after thawing. Use Biofreeze as you did with your previous freezing medium. 

Recommendation for using Biofreeze (download pdf)

Biofreeze: successfull testing by customers (Cryopreservation of hMRSC-TERT), download pdf

Biofreeze freezing medium

DMSO free

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Storage: 12 months at +2 - +8 °C

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The production of this product will be transferred. Availability of the product under the same article number at Sigma-Aldrich from Q3/2019 on:


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** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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New freezing medium

BIOFREEZE without DMSO and without serum

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