NEW: New disposable counting chambers for any cells types

High-precision Neubauer counting chamber “improved”

The C-Chip disposable counting chamber is now available. Count cells with the C-Chip in the same way as you do with the Neubauer "improved" counting chamber. With this product, however, you have a smaller risk of infection. There is no longer need for the cover slips and the following cleaning.

The counting chamber C-Chip looks like the familiar Neubauer "improved" counting chamber: The cells are distributed over 3 x 3 large squares, each with 1 mm edge length and with a surface area of 1 mm².

With the C-Chip, you inject the sample, stained or unstained, into the desired chamber. Two separate counting chambers facilitate two counts per C-Chip. One pack contains 50 C-Chips (for a total of 100 counts).

Counting chamber

1 box contains 50 C-Chips, 1 C-Chip 2 counts (for a total of 100 counts per box)

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For single use only!

The production of this product will be transferred. Availability of the product under the article number MDH-2N1-50PK at Sigma-Aldrich from Q1/2020 on:


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on request

** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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