Amphotericin B (fungicide)

Polyene antibiotic (C47H73NO17, molecular weight 924.1), efficient against both fungi and yeast contaminations, no effects on bacteria. By complexing with sodium-desoxycholate in phosphate buffer, the low water solubility is improved.

mechanism: Disturbs cell membrane permeability by binding to cell membrane sterols of fungi. Effective against, inter alia, Candida types. By binding to planar sterols, such as cholesterol, it may modify the cell membrane, which becomes permeable to ions (K+, Mg2+)  and other low-molecular substances (e.g. amino acids, sugar, nucleotides).

Amphotericin B

250 µg/ml (fungizone)

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Storage: 3 months at +2 - +8°C

Product Information

Instructions for use: antibiotic solutions are 100x concentrations and have been dissolved in WFI (quantity used: 1 ml per 100 ml medium).

A substitute is offered under the article number A2942 at Sigma-Aldrich   

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A 2612
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** Item needs dry ice when shipped.

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